Windows 10: How to add a printer

win10logo.jpg + printer-41945_1280.png

  1. Click the Windows 10 dialogue icon at the bottom right Copya15e983e5a07.png
  2. Choose "All Settings", then select "Devices"
  3. Select "Printers & Scanner" at the left, then click "Add a printer or scanner"
  4. After the list populates with available printers, select the printer you want and click "Add device" (*Note - users looking for the "TVSD_Secure_Printer" might find it listed towards the bottom of this list)
  5. The driver/software for the printer will automatically load and the printer will be available to you in your list of devices. Note - to make that printer the default printer, click the name of the printer and select "Manage", then click "Set as default" at the left.

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