Windows 7: Add a printer

  1. Click the "Start", then click "Devices and Printers"
  2. Click "Add a printer" (at the top)
  3. Select "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer..."
  4. Immediately click "The printer that I wanted isn't listed"
  5. Select "Find a printer..." and click Next
  6. In the 'Name' field type the building code to find your printer (*Note - if you are adding the TVSD_Secure_Printer, type "tvsd" then press Enter)
    1. Example of building codes: HEC, EC, HS etc
  7. After entering the building code, this will bring up the list of printers near you. Select the printer you want and click OK
  8. Allow the driver to load and enjoy using your printer
  9. To set the printer as your default, return to your list of printer by clicking "Devices and Printers" under the Start menu and right-click the printer to select "Set as default"

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